Pure Maple Syrup products are unique to northeastern North America where the sugar maple is native. Our limestone-based maple grove assures the best, clear flavor of pure maple syrup. We take pride in using the highest standard to make quality syrup.

Anyone who lives in Northern Michigan knows that the smell of boiling sap is one of the first signs of spring. The sugar maple sap starts to flow when the late winter nights are still cold and the days are beginning to warm. That's when the sap is collected and processed to become maple syrup and maple sugar. A tapped tree normally produces up to twelve gallons of sap during a good year. It takes approximately 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup.

We are located 3 miles north of Cedarville (north on Highway M-129), and 3 miles east of M-129, on Swede Road.

Visit and tour our operation or come-in and see our line of maple products any time of the year! (Large groups by appointment, please.)

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To make inquiries regarding your order(s), please send email to: Tassier Sugar Bush

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